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It is very evident that the cultural mindset over sucha long time isdeeper than many first imagined and so it is no wonder that it keeps resurfacing in the most unlikely places. It occurs to me that something that has taken hundreds of years to become entrenchend will not go away just by careful exegesis and teaching.
Attitudes will change in the same way they developed - very slowly and with repeated statements and demonstrated truth. We need to find ways of "speaking the truth in love" to those who have differing beliefs about gender issues and use opportunities as they occur to encourage a better way to speak and act in the company of women and men.
For myself, I know that I foten don't take issues with thigns which are said for two reasons. Either it seems as if I am defending myself or I don't want to spoil the great fellowship we have with friends by pointing out something they've said wh…

Choosing a Marriage Partner

Attending another marriage ceremony on the weekend and hearing someone's casual comments about a Christian school program designed to prepare young people for marriage, that was hierarchy based, stirred the following thoughts.

Suppose a prospective husband, serious about Christian commitment, were choosing a partner and he was committed to the hierarchical model, would he be on the lookout for:

a) A gentile, very soft and feminine woman who would readily expect and accept his male leadership? or ... would he
b) Not be too concerned until after the marriage and then gradually dominate the wife into submission? or ...
c) Have a loving partnership and mutual consideration in courtship, then switch to hierarchy once married?

It would seem to me that one or all of the above would be the desired options or outcomes that a person schooled in that particular line of thinking would be encouraged to adopt.

Whereas, on the other hand, if the prospective husband was equally as serious about Chris…



Would really love to hear from people out there who are interested in knowing more about what real equality looks like. It can be just a word. Perhaps you have someone telling you that you are equal but you know that person doesn't understand and perhaps demonstrates a misunderstanding of how others may feel.

We would encourage anyone who has questions on this issue to contact us and learn what the issues are at stake and how we can address them.

We're back home

Have returned from a 3 months holiday in the Australian outback. Drove 13.000 kms and apart from 8 nights in a house or motel slept in a tent all the way. Wonderful way to experience the outdoors and enjoy seeing the amazing scenery of the "Top End" of Australia.
Seems that there is more interest in equality from those outside the church than within the ranks. It makes good sense to most people that we should share everything and treat each other fairly. It almost seems to be a non-issue in the churches here even though many people (particularly women) are oppressed and marginalised. We would love to be able to teach on the subject of true biblical equality but we don't have churches queuing up for our time and experience.
Part of the problem seems to be with women who don't like to cause problems and berate themselves for feeling hard done by.
I think it begins with little girls pre-school age who need to be affirmed that they are loved for who they and and that they …

Good points on the comments

Hi everyone. Sorry you haven't read anything for some time. I know that for a blog to be effective it should be used constantly, so we will try to remedy that. We may be going on an extended driving trip from the endof July so if that comes about, we'lllet you know when we'll be back on line.

Just read some of the comments and want to encourage you to follow them up. There are some excellent points made there about creation and God's original intention. This seems one of the crucial issues and since not a lot is recorded in Genesis about this, we can conclude that much of what is written in books and articles which promote heirarchy is assumed. If we just look at the verses it suggests that God made people in his image and he made two kinds - women and men. Obviously, if it was 2 men or 2 women, then there would be no more people to populate the earth! Also - the words of God after Eve and Adam sinned were recorded as bad things which would be a result of their disobedi…

Recent reading

We've just received our CBE Priscilla Papers and I've read the lead article by MaryKate Morse, titled GenderWars: Biology Offers Insights to a Biblical Problem. This would have to be one of the best distilled articles that I have read on this subject. It comes hard on the heals of my reading at Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen's work, My Brother's Keeper: What the Social Sciences Do (and don't) Tell Us About Masculinity. (Can't wait to get hold of her book, Gender and Grace.)
It's the first time that I've looked seriously at the biology issue. Generally I'd leave that up to the experts in that field. But this article by MaryKate Morse is so compelling, and yet simply put, in it's argument that I cannot but be moved by its content and want to share it all around. I've thought of a whole bunch of people that I'd like to send it to. Not as an, "I told you so," deal, but in a genuine desire to inform others (yes, some are antagonists) of th…

It's been a while

My excuse for not getting on with blogging has been that we've had house guests for the last 10 days. Knowing that they were coming meant that we had other things to do in preparation, so no blogs. That doesn't mean that I didn't take time to read other peoples, or do other things on the net, like spend some time checking out the ECA debate forum. Hardly came near the computer while our visitors were actually here though. Too busy talking and showing them around the beauty spots of our seaside abode. It will still take a while to get into the swing of things, but do it we must.
Liz and I are running an 18 week parenting course that's a buzz. Our youngest son and his wife initiated it and we are sharing with 4 other really keen couples. That's keeping us out of mischief too. We just love the way the course stimulates positive and encouraging conversation and the resulting care for each other. As grandparents we are really ready for this. It's great!!!

Time to get down to business

Now for a brief insight as to why it is that Liz and I are so committed to Biblical equality. As mentioned in our personal profile, we've been in christian ministry for 35+ years and for all of that time were committed to mutuality in the way that we did marriage. For many years it did not impact on our ministry method, except that it will have been obvious to some that I regarded Liz as my best friend and closest ministry confidant. This eventually caused difficulties in a multiple eldership situation where other elders felt that Liz should not be privy to these 'leadership' matters. They felt that Liz was a defacto elder. We didn't really know how to handle it then because we were unfamiliar with the body of literature that was available to address such issues. Whenever we prepared people for marriage we encouraged them to embrace a more mutually submissive style as we felt that it was far more glorifying to God and the best way to serve one another out of reverence …

The journey has begun

Not quite sure where this will take us and how exactly we are to link up with like-minded people but I'm sure that we'll learn as we go along. Counless thousands of others have been and are on this road sooo, hang on, here we go.

Making a start

This whole blogging thing is new to us. Kind of an electronic adventure that's about to begin. We are doing this in the hope of meeting new, but like minded people and sharing ideas and experiences of our christian journey in respect to Biblical equality.