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It's been a while

My excuse for not getting on with blogging has been that we've had house guests for the last 10 days. Knowing that they were coming meant that we had other things to do in preparation, so no blogs. That doesn't mean that I didn't take time to read other peoples, or do other things on the net, like spend some time checking out the ECA debate forum. Hardly came near the computer while our visitors were actually here though. Too busy talking and showing them around the beauty spots of our seaside abode. It will still take a while to get into the swing of things, but do it we must.
Liz and I are running an 18 week parenting course that's a buzz. Our youngest son and his wife initiated it and we are sharing with 4 other really keen couples. That's keeping us out of mischief too. We just love the way the course stimulates positive and encouraging conversation and the resulting care for each other. As grandparents we are really ready for this. It's great!!!