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Good points on the comments

Hi everyone. Sorry you haven't read anything for some time. I know that for a blog to be effective it should be used constantly, so we will try to remedy that. We may be going on an extended driving trip from the endof July so if that comes about, we'lllet you know when we'll be back on line.

Just read some of the comments and want to encourage you to follow them up. There are some excellent points made there about creation and God's original intention. This seems one of the crucial issues and since not a lot is recorded in Genesis about this, we can conclude that much of what is written in books and articles which promote heirarchy is assumed. If we just look at the verses it suggests that God made people in his image and he made two kinds - women and men. Obviously, if it was 2 men or 2 women, then there would be no more people to populate the earth! Also - the words of God after Eve and Adam sinned were recorded as bad things which would be a result of their disobedi…