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We're back home

Have returned from a 3 months holiday in the Australian outback. Drove 13.000 kms and apart from 8 nights in a house or motel slept in a tent all the way. Wonderful way to experience the outdoors and enjoy seeing the amazing scenery of the "Top End" of Australia.
Seems that there is more interest in equality from those outside the church than within the ranks. It makes good sense to most people that we should share everything and treat each other fairly. It almost seems to be a non-issue in the churches here even though many people (particularly women) are oppressed and marginalised. We would love to be able to teach on the subject of true biblical equality but we don't have churches queuing up for our time and experience.
Part of the problem seems to be with women who don't like to cause problems and berate themselves for feeling hard done by.
I think it begins with little girls pre-school age who need to be affirmed that they are loved for who they and and that they …