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It is very evident that the cultural mindset over sucha long time isdeeper than many first imagined and so it is no wonder that it keeps resurfacing in the most unlikely places. It occurs to me that something that has taken hundreds of years to become entrenchend will not go away just by careful exegesis and teaching.
Attitudes will change in the same way they developed - very slowly and with repeated statements and demonstrated truth. We need to find ways of "speaking the truth in love" to those who have differing beliefs about gender issues and use opportunities as they occur to encourage a better way to speak and act in the company of women and men.
For myself, I know that I foten don't take issues with thigns which are said for two reasons. Either it seems as if I am defending myself or I don't want to spoil the great fellowship we have with friends by pointing out something they've said which perpetuates the stereotypes. Perhaps we need to move away from personal hurt and see it as a slight on the very character of God - then we may feel more freedom to confront people who unwittingly make distinction between women and men followers of Jesus. However we do it, it will probably be a long process which will bear fruit later.

One example of an opportunity I had to "Australianise" a series of parenting books which have been written from a complementarian perspective. While doing this I was able to change words such as "man's nature" to "human nature" and include the word "parents" instead of the continual reference to "mum" (read mom) as though mothers were always the primary care-givers. I probably won't be around to see what difference this will make to the thousands who will read this material, but hopefully it will permeate their thinking and have a lasting result. Some of us will have to be content with "picking out the stones" to prepare the ground for the good seed of biblical truth to take root.


Anonymous said…
He had a fine, manly figure of his own.. It was not a big boy bullying a little one, but a young wolf with glistening teeth and a lamb cowering before him; or, it was a dog faithful and famishing--or a star going slowly into eclipse--or a rainbow fading--or a flower blooming--or a sun rising--or a waning moon.. Te wing! he cried, highly incensed, vat I pe do mit te wing? Mein Gott! do you take me for a shicken? No--oh, no! I replied, much alarmed; you are no chicken--certainly not.. This canteen (with a funnel on its top like a cavalier cap slouched over the eyes) was set on edge upon the puncheon, with the hole toward myself; and through this hole, which seemed puckered up like the mouth of a very precise old maid, the creature was emitting certain rumbling and grumbling noises which he evidently intended for intelligible talk.. Dreams of this sort are parturition dreams; their interpretation is accomplished by reversing the fact reported in the manifest dream content; thus, instead of throwing one's self into the water, read coming out of the water, that is, being born.. In the dream of a healthy person the only way for me to enable him to accept this repressed idea is the coherence of the dream thoughts.. We thus learn that the unconscious idea, as such, is altogether incapable of entering into the foreconscious, and that it can exert an influence there only by uniting with a harmless idea already belonging to the foreconscious, to which it transfers its intensity and under which it allows itself to be concealed.. Ralph, too, started off for a walk, but naturally not in the same direction.. He trembled so that he could scarcely keep his footing. The dream says simply: All these things have an x in common.. Forgetting everything except his cherished ambition, he braced himself for the contest, took a twist hold on the lines, sent a sharp, quick call to his horse, and let him out for all that was in him.. Elder Brown paused at the door as he was about to leave.. The Major regarded board bills and wash bills as contemptible nuisances.. I am the first settled minister in No.. He is distinctly afraid of the analysis of the dream.. Whatever explanation the future may offer of these first and second procedures, we shall expect a confirmation of our correlate that the second procedure commands the entrance to consciousness, and can exclude the first from consciousness.. But when we sleep, and the unconscious wish has shown its power to form a dream, and with it to awaken the foreconscious, why, then, does this power become exhausted after the dream has been taken cognizance of? Would it not seem more probable that the dream should continually renew itself, like the troublesome fly which, when driven away, takes pleasure in returning again and again? What justifies our assertion that the dream removes the disturbance of sleep? That the unconscious wishes always remain active is quite true.. She recalls that she once saw her father in the bath-room naked from behind; she then begins to talk about the sex differentiation, and asserts that in the man the genitals can be seen from behind, but in the woman they cannot.. I saw, that although a flower may have lost its hold upon earthly moisture, it may still bloom as sweetly, fed by the dews of heaven.. I say such things to Titbottom during the dull season at the office...
Mary Ann said…
Hi Liz, I would like to email you a question. How would I do that? My email address is forevafound at gmail dot com. Thank! -- Mary Ann

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