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Would the men please speak up!

In conversation with someone today, I heard of two Christian husbands who were intimidated by the expectancies put on them by the proponents of the belief that men should lead in all things, be the 'head of the home' etc. I'm sure that not all men have the huge egos which they are said to have and not all men enjoy having power over other people. If there are men reading this who would be relieved if they were told that God didn't expect these things of them, please speak up and let us encourage you to be who God has made you to be and enjoy being truly yourself in Christ.


I can't believe it's been so long since either of us wrote something on this blog. Our excuse is that we have been busy writing and reading the hundreds of excellent posts on the CBE blog "The Scroll". If you haven't gone there yet, check it out!

I have decided to write on here at least once a week just in case someone drops by and wants to correspond after reading something a bit more up to date. We find ourselves discussing equality all the time and thinking of new reasons why it is so logical, appealing and biblical.

One thought which occured to me this week was the one of being a servant to each other in marriage and within the church family life. A servant does what the other person requires or would like, not what the servant feels is best for the one being served. So, how is that many use the term 'servant leader' and talk about 'having the last word' in times of disagreement etc.
If we are really serving one another we will do as Jesus said …