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Where have we been?

We just need to get something back on here because it has been sooooo long. I guess that one of the reasons is that we've been posting and commenting so much on the Scroll for the last few months that we've not given ourselves time to post on our very own blogsite. Besides, I guess we are thinking, "Well, who's going to notice anyway?" But, that's not the point is it! We are as committed to biblical equality as ever and circumstances only dictate that it is even more of a necessity. Our difficulty at the moment is finding a church that is as fully committed to equality as we are. Some appear to be but on closer examination may have given some freedoms for women to be involved in certain aspects of ministry but, are still a closed book when it comes to who is the boss in the home. The whole headship thing. That's the sticking point. Many churches are keen to tell us how far they have come and what concessions they are prepared to make, but balk at the head…