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What a great name for an Aussie Church. Liz and I went there last Sunday to meet up with some old friends. One couple that we've known for quite some time and another friend who has made this her church home. It's quite a unique church plant, sponsored by the Uniting Church of Australia. We absolutely loved being there. Moreso because the service emphasis was on women serving Christ. For that reason almost all of the service participants for the day were women, including the speaker. A humorous video clip was shown at the beginning of a woman singing, very rapidly, the 250 words that a Mum is likely to say in a day. Words that may be repeated everyday!!! The title of the Encounter message was, 'Mere Women'. A seasoned female Pastor and missionary gave the talk and questions were invited from the congregation. People participated in a quite lively way. Also a chinese person from mainland China shared how she found Christ while a student here in Australia and how she is …

"Women's Meetings"

One of my pet annoyances in church life is the syndrome of having special meetings just for women.

Is it because women are seen as having special needs and so need unique programs ?
Or is it to give women a place to share openly about their lives and spiritual growth ?

Of course there is the real need for women who have young children at home and can't go out at night to regular home groups to have opportunity for fellowship and learning more from the bible in study groups. I'm thinking even more about the sort of meetings which make women out to be a 'special case' - a class of people who have to be encouraged all the time as what their particular role is in life and how God has created them for a particular role in life.

Even the groups which major on health, beauty, personal development etc. all leave me with the feeling that somehow women need special 'handling' over and above other Christians (namely men) I know there are some women out there who feel affir…

No end of trouble

You may have wondered why we hadn't posted on here for a while. Well, there's a very good reason, which may seem, to the rest of you out in the blogosphere a bit dumb. We couldn't remember our password so couldn't get in!!! I know, I know, all we needed to do was to scrap the old password and begin a new account with a revised password. So, we've done that and are back on air. In the meantime we have had a lot of activity over on the CBE blogsite, The Scroll (see link) and since we have been made administrators we have even more reason to be spending a lot more time there. But even so, we do want to regularly check in here, not just with equality stuff, even though that is our passion, but ordinary stuff as well. Like, what we've been up to of late and stuff that we are getting out of the Word that might bless others as well. We really miss, since no longer being in paid ministry (due to retirement), the almost daily involvement of sharing with others from God&…