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"The Shack"

Would you believe that we have only just read this life-changing book? Mind you....we have read excerpts, reviews, the story of the writer and his own blog so felt we understood what it was all about. But there's nothing like reading it in its entirity which I (Liz) haven't taken the time to do just yet. Trevor read it over one day and was very impressed - not only for the obvious help which this book would be to people who have unanswered questions about God and his interest in our lives, but for the clear statements about women and men.

Without one bible quotation, there is so much 'doctrine' spread through the chapters and the issue of equality is well demonstrated and explained. Maybe this wasn't the author's intention (maybe it was one of the reasons for writing the story) but it comes across loud and clear that God and his ways are not always as we have been taught or even as we perceive with our limited vision. The whole character of God shows up beautifu…

The Story of our Lives

This appears to be the story of our lives. Always apologising for the fact that we are not writing any new posts on our own blog site. It could be that we are so preoccupied with the CBE blog site, the Scroll, that we haven't given any quality time to this one. Liz keeps on reminding me that we don't have to be writing about equality on here either, even though that is our passion. We could be writing about all manner of things, like what we do in our leisure time. Just last week we did a whole lot of canoeing up a lazy river, but we don't have the pictures to prove it! Why, because we were not game to carry a camera in that watery world. Or, we could write about how we love to spend time down at our pristine beach, 800 metres from our front door! And yes, we do have a picture of that. The reason being that I'm experimenting with uploading photos from the 6,000 or so that we have on our computer. What I haven't figured out yet is how to place them on the page so th…