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The Story of our Lives

This appears to be the story of our lives. Always apologising for the fact that we are not writing any new posts on our own blog site. It could be that we are so preoccupied with the CBE blog site, the Scroll, that we haven't given any quality time to this one. Liz keeps on reminding me that we don't have to be writing about equality on here either, even though that is our passion. We could be writing about all manner of things, like what we do in our leisure time. Just last week we did a whole lot of canoeing up a lazy river, but we don't have the pictures to prove it! Why, because we were not game to carry a camera in that watery world. Or, we could write about how we love to spend time down at our pristine beach, 800 metres from our front door! And yes, we do have a picture of that. The reason being that I'm experimenting with uploading photos from the 6,000 or so that we have on our computer. What I haven't figured out yet is how to place them on the page so that the layout looks a little better than is shown on this preview. Now that we've got a bit of a handle on how to publish photos to our blog we can talk about other things that we do in retirement, like snorkelling, bushwalking and looking after our grandchildren so that their parents can have some personal time. That means more photos of those very significant things. We may even experiment with a video clip! All that is to come.


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Disappointment - AW Tozer

I was really excited when I got hold of one of the latest AW Tozer books that was compiled by James L. Snyder, "The Crucified Life". When I began pastoring some 40 years ago I had everything that Tozer had written and they were incredibly formative in my approach to ministry. So to come across fresh material of Tozer's reignited the passion and got me looking at some of the other classics, like "The Pursuit of God" and "Knowledge of the Holy." Not content with that I started hunting around for anything Tozer on the internet and discovered that there is a biography out written by Lyle Dorsett, titled, "A Passion for God: The Spiritual Journey of A.W. Tozer." Then I read some reviews, of which there were many, but I was struck by the recurring theme that Tozer was a loner who was not even close to his wife and 7 children. This spiritual giant of a man was as alone in his death as he was in life. One of his colleagues noted that one of the last…


We are sorry to have to say that we are not going to post any more blogs on this site. The last post has been deleted because we couldn't alter the text size and colour, no matter how often we edited it?

We understand that it is virtually impossible to remove a blogsite from blogger so the site will be dormant. Sorry if you have visited and found it disappointing. We may blog again at a future time.

Talkback Radio

It's simply amazing what you can learn on talkback radio, here in Australia anyway. I'm not often in the car alone but when I am I like to listen to a Radio National station that features guest speakers on various subjects and invites comment from listeners who can become involved in the conversation. One such guest, who was responsible for a phenomenon called the 'Flynn Effect' was most interesting. His hypothesis is that the IQ's of 21st century educated westerners are increasing at the rate of 3-5% over time because of the way that we are now being taught to process information. He said that the analytical process and abstract thinking methodology has increased our capacity to think in the way that the IQ tests have been designed and we are therefore able to process the test puzzles etc. more easily.

Apparently he sparked off some controversy when he suggested that dark skinned people, who usually don't perform as well in the current IQ test format (because …