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Abusing Scripture

I have just got through reading Manfred T. Brauch's book titled, Abusing Scripture, and can thoroughly recommend it as a good read. So much so that I've passed it on to someone else already. His work is the result of 30 plus years of lecturing in a Theological Institution in the States. Each chapter deals with different aspects of how it is that we abuse Scripture and most often it comes down to misinterpretation because we have not used interpretive tools wisely or correctly. A great deal of effort is spent in considering the context and cultural relevance, to the persons to whom the original text is addressed, when carrying over the explanation or application to our situation. His point is that we are all bound to make assumptions of a text or read into that text preconceptions that are skewed by our own experiences of cultural, religious or denominational tradition. Every chapter concludes with a summary and a section on how we might improve our interpretive skills in that …

Conversation Ends

It all looked very interesting but at some point I must have crossed the line because it has been some time now since I have heard from my friend John. I knew as we were corresponding that the concepts of equality and mutual submission were very challenging to him personally and his sense of masculine self worth so we'll leave him to ponder for a while longer on those thoughts.
In the meantime our daughter-in-law Julie mentioned that she was doing a teen girls study group and had suggested that the girls choose a book from a catalogue that they could discuss together. The girls chose 'Datable Rules' so Julie asked Liz and I if we had come across this book and if so, what it was like.
We had to tell her that there is currently a conversation going on on the CBE blog, the Scroll, on the issue of Christian books that are available for the dating scene and that this one came in for a good deal of criticism. She was quite taken back so we explained why it is that we felt that the…