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We had a wonderful sermon in church this morning about the elder brother in the prodigal son story and how we can so easily slip into an 'older brother' attitude towards other people who are coming to faith or coming back to God after some time away. The preacher was pointing up the fact that we can get into the frame of mind that we almost deserve God's goodness (what a thought!)

BUT...before he preached he made an announcement about a couple who were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversay (big applause) And was spoilt by the preachers saying "I probably shouldn't repeat this but...." and then launching in to repeating a joke which the 60 years' married guy had told him. I wouldn't repeat it but it suggested that women were so hard to understand that even God found it difficult.

Why, oh so many Christians find this sort of stuff funny?? It is dishonouring to men and women and most importantly dishonouring to God who made us all and loves us all. There's not a word said in the bible about funny ways that men and women may have. It's all about our character and how to be godly and holy........certainly not to make disparaging remarks about each other. We get so disappointed that these jokes continue and even more so when they preface a very serious sermon.


Rachel Ann said…
Yes, it is dishonoring to the God that made us in HIS image. I get continually frustrated with jokes and references to women's inability to make decisions, their proclivity toward talking too much, and their emotionalism. Conversely, I get tired of hearing that men are baboons who only think about sex and have no real thought life.
Good to hear from you Rachel. Nice to know someone actually reads this from time to time. Often it feels like we're writing into the air which I guess we are in a way.
Hi Rachel Ann

Had a look at your blog.....fascinating! Also noticed that the CBE blog, The Scroll, wasn't listed. Is that how you came across our blog ?
Rachel Ann said…
Hello! I love when you guys post actually, because there are so few blogs dealing with this issue. I've blogged about it from time to time, but the backlash I get from people is so intense I just don't feel quite schooled enough yet to defend the position. And...I don't know about you, but do you ever second guess yourself? I have grown up in the Church and could give countless stories of how damaging the Complementarian message can be, and have experienced such sweet freedom in Christ through the healing message that CBE spreads (that the Bible spreads!). Even so, the battle for truth is hard. People are so opposed to it! I love some of the books I've read on the subject, but the simplicity of your blog - the fact that laypeople are living this and writing about it - is incredibly encouraging. So thank you for continuing to blog! You have at least one faithful reader. :)

I can't remember how I found your blog, but it very well may have been from the CBE Scroll. I haven't linked the Scroll, but I do read it.

Blessings on you!
Great to hear from you again Rachel Ann and sorry we didn't reply sooner. We are not used to seeing people comment on our blog so don't always check it.

We really have a heart for the regular folks who attend church and don't live in academia. Even though we are well-read and Trevor had bible college training while I had the kids, we don't have any degrees. We haven't had the time or money and now it doesn't seem at all necessary. We feel we can argue the case for biblical equality well now after many years of experience and reading and both love to teach the bible anyway. We pastored a church for 35 years and can understand that often people are content to just let the preacher tell them what they should believe rather than search things out for themselves.

We also find that equality is a non-issue for most as they don't see the ramifications of a hierarchical viewpoint. Many cultural things hang on, even in the church rather than looking to see what the biblical principles are or how God has revealed his character to us. CBE has known for some time that there needs to be a groundswell of concern from the 'people in the pews' and we hope to be some of the people who can answer questions as they arise.

In Western Australia where we live (and in Australia generally) people seem to have drawn their lines. There are those who are strongly opposed to equality and women preachers and those who don't think much about it but have some hazy idea about the man being the head of the home.

We saw a lot of abuse in homes because of this notion of the husband being 'over' his wife and sadly, it was not until the women left that they could see the issue and be prepared to hear another way of looking at some of the bible passages.

Anyway, thanks for your encouragement and may you keep on being an example and being ready to give an answer for your beliefs.

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