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Disappointment - AW Tozer

I was really excited when I got hold of one of the latest AW Tozer books that was compiled by James L. Snyder, "The Crucified Life". When I began pastoring some 40 years ago I had everything that Tozer had written and they were incredibly formative in my approach to ministry. So to come across fresh material of Tozer's reignited the passion and got me looking at some of the other classics, like "The Pursuit of God" and "Knowledge of the Holy." Not content with that I started hunting around for anything Tozer on the internet and discovered that there is a biography out written by Lyle Dorsett, titled, "A Passion for God: The Spiritual Journey of A.W. Tozer." Then I read some reviews, of which there were many, but I was struck by the recurring theme that Tozer was a loner who was not even close to his wife and 7 children. This spiritual giant of a man was as alone in his death as he was in life. One of his colleagues noted that one of the last…

Marriage is a Work in Progress

We are surrounded with soooo much good reading material but I recently decided to re-read Pat Gundry's book (written back in 1980!) 'Heirs Together'. For me, this is still one of the best handbooks on Christian Egalitarian marriage and is a classic. I'm only into the first couple of chapters and I take her point that marriage is work. She doesn't suggest that it is 'hard work' but it is work. Good marriages don't just happen.
Even if you have the perfect partner and enduring love, love alone will not sustain a marriage. Life is in the habit of not necessarily running according to plan. Somehow we have to navigate, together, the twists and turns that may be our lot in life. It won't always be plain sailing!
Unforeseen circumstances, like a tragic death or debilitating accident, still birth, cot death, an autistic child the dreaded cancer or an unexplained illness can come upon us out of the blue and change the course of our lives forever. We don't…