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Egalitarian Husbands

Something has just resonated with me that may relate to other husbands within egalitarian marriages so I will put it out there for your interest and comment.

Within complementarian marriages it is expected that men should take the lead, in both the family and church, because they believe that they are biblically mandated to do so. This can lead to many women within that ordered environment becoming passive and retreating from the active development of their own spiritual walk with God. Even though complementarians believe that men should lead, many of the books that encourage such leadership spend a great deal of time speaking to women about how to help release their men into taking up the mantle of responsibility. This is more evident in some of the dating books where prospective brides are urged to step back and let the men step up in the relationship. Which suggests to me that males are not so 'hard-wired' as we are led to believe to fit automatically into that role. Some me…