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Our Shared-Parenting Experience

The CBE blogsite, the Scroll, is currently running a post on the subject of parenting addressing the issue of parenting jointly, or sharing parenting according to gifting and need as opposed to gender stereotypes. While my wife and I are thoroughly committed to Biblical equality and an equitable sharing of both the parenting responsibility and workload we generally fall into the gendered stereotypical roles.What I mean by that is, I as the husband generally do all of the outside stuff, including maintenance on the car, home repairs and gardens while Liz handles all of the inside work, like grocery shopping, meal preparation, laundry and house cleaning. There are certainly times when we cross over these areas of responsibility but by and large we have followed this more ordinarily accepted, or structured way of doing things.For us it wasn't a matter of who would do what but how we were culturally conditioned to apportion tasks and the natural inclinations and skills that we had eac…