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The Devil Made Me Do It!

Many years ago there was a lot more talk about how the devil may have influenced some of our wrong thoughts and actions. So much so that it was comically parodied, which meant that eventually it even became unpopular to use that kind of terminology. It was thought that to speak that way was a cop out. People were not taking personal responsibility for their own questionable behaviours. If anything we may have tipped a little too far the other way, because nowadays you hear very little of how satan may be at the back of some of our inclinations to rebel against God and behave immorally. This whole scenario reminds me of an old Christian classic by A.W. Tozer, titled, "I Talk Back To The Devil." It's a long, long while since I read it but as I recall there are some very valuable insights about the devil's interest in tripping up christians and getting them out of fellowship with God. Another old classic along these same lines was C.S. Lewis's book, "The Screwt…