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The Devil Made Me Do It!

Many years ago there was a lot more talk about how the devil may have influenced some of our wrong thoughts and actions. So much so that it was comically parodied, which meant that eventually it even became unpopular to use that kind of terminology. It was thought that to speak that way was a cop out. People were not taking personal responsibility for their own questionable behaviours. If anything we may have tipped a little too far the other way, because nowadays you hear very little of how satan may be at the back of some of our inclinations to rebel against God and behave immorally. This whole scenario reminds me of an old Christian classic by A.W. Tozer, titled, "I Talk Back To The Devil." It's a long, long while since I read it but as I recall there are some very valuable insights about the devil's interest in tripping up christians and getting them out of fellowship with God. Another old classic along these same lines was C.S. Lewis's book, "The Screwtape Letters," which was an allegorical work of letters of instruction written to a junior devil. Both of these books gave insights as to how it is that the devil may use circumstances, evil suggestions and idle curiosities to influence followers of Jesus to do things that are contrary to the revealed will of God. They pointed up the fact that it is in the devil's interest to trip up Christians so that they are no longer an effective witness to the saving power of the Gospel.

Why am I writing about this just now? Well it occurs to me, with such literary offerings as the current NYT's best seller, "Fifty Shades of Grey," that Christians are likely to be confronted, by their non-church contemporaries, to read this "sexually liberating" book. I must confess at this point to have only heard about it and read comments about it, but it is enough to make me somewhat familiar with the kinds of things I might encounter within its pages. It is said, that even though it is recognised to be fictional, for women in particular, it has aroused a desire to have more control and enjoyment of their sexual encounters. I'm led to believe that it even sanctions and encourages some pretty outrageous sexual expression. In today's highly eroticised and sensuality driven culture one can understand how such books are popularised but I see this as a real trap for unwary Christians. It is here that I would see satan at work behind the scenes to confuse believers by introducing them to sexual behaviours  that seem "legitimate and helpful" but have the potential to cause great harm to their walk with God. Satan is the master of deception and enticement. He alluringly leads us into these questionable areas and then whispers into our minds such strong condemnation and guilt that we have difficulty finding the forgiveness and cleansing that returns us to God.

We need to be aware of his ploys before we go down that pathway of alienation. The devil is most interested in getting us off-side and out of harmony with the purposes of God. That is the nature of the first act of human rebellion against God, instigated by satan, in the garden of Eden (Genesis 3). Satan has been distorting truth about the character of God and the nature of human sexuality ever since. Prior to the fall Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed. In fellowship with God their sexual union and communion would have to have been totally free and fulfilling. It was only after sin entered that their eyes were opened and innocence was lost. Everything spiralled downwards from that point. Human sexuality has been robbed of the innocence of God's original intention. Previously Adam and Eve were co-regents together, neither having the desire, or knowledge to misuse one another sexually. Tragically all of that ended with the introduction of sin. It is in satan's best interest to continue to distort the divine plan and to get people to be pleasure seekers rather than God seekers. Christians do themselves (and God) a great dis-service when they get their instructions for life from the world rather than the revealed will of God in the Word of God, the Bible.

It is made too easy to believe the devil's lie that God is against sexual pleasure. There is a belief out there in the world that a touch of taboo and naughtiness is essential for one to experience erotic pleasure. This is so not true. God desires that our sexuality and sensual pleasure be explored within the confines of purity and holiness. It is only within that sacred environment that human sexuality can reach its highest degree of fulfilment and satisfaction. Something shared equally by both the woman and the man within the sanctity of a marriage union where God is the welcome guest and divine guide for all the issues of life. There is no greater pleasure than to experience sexual oneness under the smile of a loving God. 

I'm interested in your thoughts about this very sensitive subject matter.      


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