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Additional Modern Marriage Concerns

I would like make some additional observations on the topic of Modern Marriage Concerns by taking up a statement that I made in the closing paragraphs of a previous post on this subject.

"I for one do not want to go back to gender hierarchy but I can readily understand it if my complementarian friends are quick to say that this 'individualism' is where egalitarianism takes us and is the very reason why they are so against it. Egalitarianism is not meant to manifest itself in rampant individualism. In fact it is meant to do the opposite, that is to work against individualism, especially as it related to a male privileged environment. It would be a tragedy if the empowering of women led to the neglect of the men in their lives." 

While I may not want to go back to hierarchy myself that is precisely where young marrieds, who are intent on pleasing God in their marriages, are inclined to go. There are a significant number of well respected Bible teachers who advoc…

Modern Marriage Concerns

It would seem that my wife and I have come from a vastly different background to modern day egalitarians who have grown up in a more secular egalitarian culture. What I mean by that is that we arrived at a stance of Biblical equality after having been deeply enculturated in evangelical conservatism. While the church in general has been slow to come to terms with the acceptance of women in leadership positions and marriage equality this is generally accepted as a norm throughout the civilised world. It was not so when we began our journey. 

While it is understood that women in executive positions, who arrived there on the basis of merit, still struggle to overcome the entrenched male domination that exists in these corporate sectors, great advances are being made and the more commonly accepted rule of equal opportunity either prevails or can be called upon. In the secular world, equal opportunity at its worst, has given rise to the modern day cult of individualism. So much so that many …


My how time flies! Hard to believe that it was March 2013 that we last made an entry here. I guess it is that we are so committed to the CBE Scroll blog that our personal blog gets forgotten. 

I'm remembering that part of our introductory blurb, about ourselves, on this blogsite is that we are a married couple exploring oneness and equality in the home, church life and all relationships. I wanted to make an entry on behalf of us both to the effect that we just celebrated our 47th year of marriage oneness and togetherness. 

When we began this journey we had no idea where it would take us. In fact we were so committed to the eschatological view that things would wind up pretty soon that we made very few plans and had no long range concept of the future. We imagined that we would never see our children, four boys, through to Highschool. Well, that time is long gone. Our boys are grown men with families of their own. Yes, that means that we are proud grandparents and another dynasty is …

Taking it to Extremes

Someone has suggested that this whole issue of womenbeing excluded from opportunities to preach and teach from behind a pulpit could be solved if we rid ourselves of non-biblical terminology in the life of the church. The proponent of this view suggests that the terms Pastor/Leader/Reverend are not biblical terms and the incidence of anyone standing behind a pulpit is nowhere to be found within the New Testament.  The term Reverend certainly falls into this category because there is no such reference or allusion to it within Scripture. In fact people who would lord it over others by the use of such titles and the abuse of such offices by the attaching to themselves of an expectation of unbridled allegiance is strongly disavowed by Jesus' own words concerning how power is demonstrated in the world and his expectation from his followers. I can readily see that when we place undue emphasis on a person's status within church life like, Canons, Archbishops, Reverend Doctors, Holy F…

Submission Sadness

There is a discussion going on in the blogosphere at the moment that concerns the recent writing of John Dickson, a Sydney Anglican minister, about women being able to preach  and that their presence to share would be welcomed in his parish. The book is titled, 'Hearing Her Voice: A Case For Women Giving Sermons.' My purpose is not to enter into that debate here because there is sufficient going on on other blogsites, notably a site belonging to Lionel Windsor. Lionel is a contemporary and colleague of John Dickson and has afforded John a right of reply to a critique of the book that Lionel had posted. The lengthy reply by John Dickson is well worth a read, as no doubt the book is, and it is good to see the Sydney Anglicans teasing out this touchy subject.

But what grabbed my attention was a plaintive comment by one of the last commenters on this topic. The comment in question was by a woman, whose name now eludes me, but it could have been Sue? She firstly talks about the issu…