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Submission Sadness

There is a discussion going on in the blogosphere at the moment that concerns the recent writing of John Dickson, a Sydney Anglican minister, about women being able to preach  and that their presence to share would be welcomed in his parish. The book is titled, 'Hearing Her Voice: A Case For Women Giving Sermons.' My purpose is not to enter into that debate here because there is sufficient going on on other blogsites, notably a site belonging to Lionel Windsor. Lionel is a contemporary and colleague of John Dickson and has afforded John a right of reply to a critique of the book that Lionel had posted. The lengthy reply by John Dickson is well worth a read, as no doubt the book is, and it is good to see the Sydney Anglicans teasing out this touchy subject.

But what grabbed my attention was a plaintive comment by one of the last commenters on this topic. The comment in question was by a woman, whose name now eludes me, but it could have been Sue? She firstly talks about the issu…