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Taking it to Extremes

Someone has suggested that this whole issue of womenbeing excluded from opportunities to preach and teach from behind a pulpit could be solved if we rid ourselves of non-biblical terminology in the life of the church. The proponent of this view suggests that the terms Pastor/Leader/Reverend are not biblical terms and the incidence of anyone standing behind a pulpit is nowhere to be found within the New Testament.  The term Reverend certainly falls into this category because there is no such reference or allusion to it within Scripture. In fact people who would lord it over others by the use of such titles and the abuse of such offices by the attaching to themselves of an expectation of unbridled allegiance is strongly disavowed by Jesus' own words concerning how power is demonstrated in the world and his expectation from his followers. I can readily see that when we place undue emphasis on a person's status within church life like, Canons, Archbishops, Reverend Doctors, Holy F…