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My how time flies! Hard to believe that it was March 2013 that we last made an entry here. I guess it is that we are so committed to the CBE Scroll blog that our personal blog gets forgotten. 

I'm remembering that part of our introductory blurb, about ourselves, on this blogsite is that we are a married couple exploring oneness and equality in the home, church life and all relationships. I wanted to make an entry on behalf of us both to the effect that we just celebrated our 47th year of marriage oneness and togetherness. 

When we began this journey we had no idea where it would take us. In fact we were so committed to the eschatological view that things would wind up pretty soon that we made very few plans and had no long range concept of the future. We imagined that we would never see our children, four boys, through to Highschool. Well, that time is long gone. Our boys are grown men with families of their own. Yes, that means that we are proud grandparents and another dynasty is …