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Modern Marriage Concerns

It would seem that my wife and I have come from a vastly different background to modern day egalitarians who have grown up in a more secular egalitarian culture. What I mean by that is that we arrived at a stance of Biblical equality after having been deeply enculturated in evangelical conservatism. While the church in general has been slow to come to terms with the acceptance of women in leadership positions and marriage equality this is generally accepted as a norm throughout the civilised world. It was not so when we began our journey. 

While it is understood that women in executive positions, who arrived there on the basis of merit, still struggle to overcome the entrenched male domination that exists in these corporate sectors, great advances are being made and the more commonly accepted rule of equal opportunity either prevails or can be called upon. In the secular world, equal opportunity at its worst, has given rise to the modern day cult of individualism. So much so that many …