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50th ANNIVERSARY - Trevor's Story

On the occasion of our 50th wedding anniversary we both had the thought of writing a post about our journey from our own perspective. Liz has covered a good deal of that in her post and I had written a post too but before mine could be published the computer somehow confused the two and mine disappeared? Have had several goes at finding it but it looks as though I am going to have to revisit my thoughts and write the whole post again.

I think that the key thing to the longevity of our relationship has been its genesis. We had both decided before God that we would not enter into a relationship, on a dating basis, unless we were sure that God was in it, or had orchestrated it. For Liz this came about when she was in her mid teens, so she busied herself in work and church life waiting for God to bring someone of his choosing along. For me it was a little different. I was in the Royal Australian Navy and for a time was a typical sailor with a girl in every Port. My Christian life and convi…

50th ANNIVERSARY YEAR - Liz's Story

As we approach our 50th Wedding Anniversary, we continually marvel at how God brought us together and has kept us loving life and each other through all the ups and downs of life which now includes 4 sons and 8 grandchildren.

God organised for a sailor from Adelaide to arrive at a church in Perth where a bank officer was happily involved in many facets of a large thriving community of believers. With only a short time together including Trevor accompanying Liz to the wedding of a Christian friend and a handful of meetings, there began a lifelong friendship. Not long after  their meeting, Trevor embarked on a trip away and the prayer group led by Liz prayed for this sailor who was isolated in his Christian faith. On his return, he was drafted to a base in NSW and the letter-writing began. Over 4 months and much correspondence (some 20 pages long) they realised that God had brought them together for more than Christian fellowship and so Trevor made a short trip back to WA to spend a prec…